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2021 - Year of the Zepto

As we all emerge from some end-of-year downtime, we thought it timely to glance over our shoulders at the year just gone. It’s no understatement to say that 2021 was a massive one for Zepto.

Even for us, it’s hard to believe that we started last year as Split Payments. After a top-to-bottom rebrand, we became Zepto only on 31 August. That seems like a lifetime ago already.

It was a year characterised by milestones and significant moments that have fundamentally shaped Zepto’s future. 

We grew our business by every metric imaginable, onboarded all kinds of merchant partners who share our vision, and welcomed incredible talent to the team. And–in quick succession towards the end of the year–Zepto became both first Australian non-bank payments provider to become an Accredited Data Recipient under the ACCC’s Consumer Data Right, and the first non-bank FinTech approved to connect directly to the New Payments Platform [NPP] as a ‘Connected Institution’.

We speak often about being aboard a rocket ship that’s fuelled up and rumbling on the launchpad, itching to leave the bonds that tether it to the earth. Forget the moon and Mars, we have our sights set on Pluto and beyond.

We’re not done with the announcements, either.

There’s big news afoot.

It’s lift-off time.

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