Three-times happy at the 2022 Finnies Awards

It's Fintech Awards season, and we've enthusiastically thrown our hats in the ring once again. We're delighted to say that we've made the finalists shortlists in three hotly contested categories.

Even though they take a mountain of effort to enter, we love awards programs. The submission process is such a good reminder of the mighty achievements tackled by Zepto and its people through the previous 12-months. They provide a moment to reflect, acknowledge and celebrate––a practice that is vital for culture and employee experience.

So, in that context we're delighted to say that Zepto has made the finalists shortlists in three categories. 


Igor joined Zepto in mid-2019 as a Senior Software Developer, and effortlessly stepped into the role of Head Of Technology in June 2021.

Igor’s impact and influence is felt at all levels of our business. What’s unique about him as a technical leader is not only is he incredibly skilled and capable from a technical standpoint but he is also an excellent human being. He’s had such a positive impact on both Zepto's product and its people. 

“Most people I know nicely fit the T-shape knowledge model where the horizontal part represents cross-discipline expertise and the vertical part represents deep discipline expertise. In Igor’s case, it would be more apt to think of it as a square: as wide as it is deep," said Trevor Wistaff, Zepto founder and Chief Product Officer. 

Zepto is a relatively new company making early waves in its industry, so we're delighted and immensely proud that its next generation of leaders is already being recognised.


Zepto Chief Commercial Officer, Carolyn Breeze, is an accomplished leader whose experience spans more than 20 years in fintech, e-commerce and telecommunications.

Carolyn's approach to leadership is to enable her team to find their way, find their voices and use them. 

"They’ve been welcomed into the business for a reason, and it's essential to let them grow, collaborate and shine. I listen to them, value their opinions, and recognise their contributions freely. I want them to feel safe, confident and productive.

"My impact as a leader goes way beyond the bottom line. It feeds productivity, creativity, momentum and grows our organisation and the careers of the individuals within it," says Carolyn.

ZEPTO: EXCELLENCE IN PAYMENTS (including Remittance/FX) - Sponsored by Mastercard

2021 was huge for Zepto.

In the space of just a few months, Zepto became both the first Australian non-bank payments provider to become an Accredited Data Recipient [ADR] under the ACCC’s Consumer Data Right [CDR], and first non-bank FinTech approved to connect directly to the New Payments Platform [NPP] as a ‘Connected Institution’.

Zepto is positioned to lead the biggest revolution in payment processing since the advent of credit cards and online banking by delivering enhanced real-time payments informed by open banking. This will drive a seismic shift as real-time, account-to-account payments become the default payment method––the purest and easiest way to pay for anything.

Zepto now sits at a crossroads of open banking, real time payments, changing consumer habits, rapidly evolving merchant capability and, importantly, a melting pot of opportunity.

In short, our overall product roadmap is uniquely positioned to deliver a world class account to account real-time payment and open banking solution suite.

The Finnies will be awarded at an in-person gala ceremony on 23 June, 2022.

We cannot wait to celebrate with the entire Australian Fintech community.

Best of luck to the finalists in every category.

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