Helping TrigonX's Customers Fund and Trade Fast

In the world of lightning-fast digital asset trading and price movements, speed of account-funding and settlement is everything. In this Customer Success Story, we look at the account-to-account payment solution Zepto designed for leading digital asset trading firm, TrigonX.

When digital asset prices move, you need to be able to take action right at that moment. For digital asset, FX, commodities, equities and futures traders looking to fund an opportunity instantly, timing is everything.

That’s where Zepto’s NPP payments solutions came in.

A registered Digital Currency Exchange with AUSTRAC, TrigonX’s trading platform delivers live streaming quotes 24/7 globally via web and mobile friendly UI. The company’s trading desk has facilitated billions in institutional grade flow across multiple asset classes allowing post trade settlement and credit options for approved clients.

“TrigonX prides itself on its deep pool of liquidity, and partnerships with many financial institutions. We’re also known for the pricing and spread of our crypto trade, and – notably – speed of settlement. While customer funding on other platforms may take two days or more, TrigonX customers can fund instantly from their bank accounts using a PayID funding solution powered by Zepto.”

Matteo Salerno, CEO of TrigonX

TrigonX’s client base includes institutions and exchanges, high-net-worth individuals, and self managed super funds, resulting in TrigonX having a laser sharp focus on customer experience.

“Previous payment providers we’d used had suboptimal payment infrastructure, and support outside regular business hours was difficult. TrigonX customers trade at all hours every day of the year, so it’s vital that our payment infrastructure has the highest levels of uptime possible to ensure that our customer experience is where our customers need it to be. When they’re trading, they need instant access to their funds. Zepto gives us that.”

Emily Curino, Treasury Manager at TrigonX

Fast enough to power TrigonX’s highest trading volumes, Zepto’s real-time funds-transfer and wallet solutions are built with system stability, scalability and performance––even during the most volatile volume surges––at their core.

Zepto’s best-in-breed tech, on-boarding and integration support, means integrating is straightforward, stress-free and swift.

“The integration was a very smooth process, even for someone who’s not a developer. The Zepto team provided great training and support throughout our onboarding and set-up, making our transition swift and simple.”

Lincoln Haycroft, Systems Manager at TrigonX

Equally, Zepto’s own Account Executive Lucy Davey, praised TrigonX, seeing the significant wins they have achieved as a business over the last year due to their dedication to customer service, technological excellence and depth of knowledge has been really special.

“We love nothing more than to work with like-minded, innovative companies like TrigonX who challenge the status quo,” said Lucy.

Many Crypto, Trading and FX platforms like TrigonX prefer Zepto for the ability to seamlessly move funds in real time at any time of the day or night, even through peak market surges to allow their customer base to capitalise and seize their golden investment at the most opportune moment. 

Working with Zepto

Zepto’s customers choose their own payments adventure, and create their ideal payment environment with granular and accurate reporting, all driven programmatically by a flexible and robust API.

The heart of what Zepto does is enabling businesses to calibrate their payment settings with precision to drive enormous efficiencies and radically improve their customer experience.

Zepto allows modern businesses to rethink what actually makes sense when it comes to their unique business rhythms and payment flows.

Contact Zepto today, and let's get to work designing your optimal payment solution. 

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