Next-level direct debit

Confidently collect one-off and recurring payments, and eliminate dishonours with Zepto’s API and world-leading, data rich and real-time direct debit solutions. We’re PayTo-ready, too.

Better for business

Zepto’s automated, real-time enduring consent framework lets you manage fully-compliant, digital Direct Debit Request Service Agreements for the digital economy. Take better control of payment initiation, eliminate unauthorised payments, and benefit from the fastest direct debit settlement in market.

Better for customers

Engage with your customers in new ways and remove a classic payment frustration–dishonours–for good. Initiate more successful direct debits more often, and reduce back-office headaches and contact centre interventions.

Smart tech

Dynamic checks and balances capture errors – from duplication monitoring across manual file submissions, to supporting idempotency keys to avoid accidentally performing the same operation twice when using our API endpoints. Real-time status updates are communicated via our API or the webhooks directly in your existing platforms.

PayTo instant direct debit

Integrate with Zepto now, take advantage of our signature super-enhanced direct debit solutions, and our single API will have you ready for PayTo–the NPP’s instant direct debit service–the moment it switches on. What’s more, no additional development is required. That’s one integration for a world of game-changing innovation. Seriously, what are you waiting for?


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Zepto’s API and easy integration gives merchants the benefits of tomorrow’s payments ecosystem today.

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