Pay out in real time

Your customers and suppliers expect a seamless, real-time digital payments experience. With our simple API, you can disburse funds in real time. Granular, flexible and always on, individual payments can be instructed to behave the way you want them to.

Better business

Business hums when funds move fast and with precision, and back-office processes are friction-free. With Zepto’s low cost, high speed, payout solutions you can configure high-volume, end-to-end, direct-to-customer payment flows that scale as you do.

Put payments to work

Pay out with 100% data accuracy every time, all the time in real time, improve your customer experience, drive efficiency through automation, and benefit from automatic fraud detection, real-time messaging via our API or webhooks, and automatic reconciliation.

Bank account reachability

Zepto pre-validates destination bank accounts instantly to ensure they’re activated to successfully receive payments via RTP rails. Alternatively, they can route through alternate rails. If that’s what you want, of course.

The confidence to scale

By innovating over multiple payment channels, Zepto provides a seamless path right now to the payment channels of the future, allowing you to scale rapidly without the worry of your payments system keeping pace. 

Zepto is a New Payments Platform (NPP) connected institution (CI), and the first PayTech to be an approved AusPayNet Tier 2 BECS Participant (BSB 840 / SPL).


It’s time to level the paying field

Financial Services

Zepto helps organisations reimagine the way money moves through the financial services industry


Zepto’s API and easy integration gives merchants the benefits of tomorrow’s payments ecosystem today.

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