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Built on the foundations of Split Payments, Zepto creates real-time, data-driven, account to account merchant payment solutions for the on-demand economy.
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Faster, smarter payments

Zepto’s modern RESTful API and light-touch integration deliver the seamless, real-time digital payments experience your customers expect, and the efficiencies your business needs. 

Pay in and out in real time all the time with fidelity and control at any scale. Zepto’s composable API lets you acquire, receive, disburse, identify parties, establish consent, create virtual accounts and reconcile everything automatically.

Even better, Zepto’s data and payment messaging is granular and real-time, supporting better automated, data-led business decision making and customer experiences.

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One Integration Unlimited Innovation

Zepto’s cloud-native and cloud-agnostic application infrastructure is built for resiliency, above bank-grade security and scalability.

Integrate just once. Zepto’s API is designed for the now, but ready for the future. Semantic versioning and seamless upgrade paths provide extensibility without multiple costly, future integrations.

Create customised payment flows on a secure, scalable, future-proofed platform architected to harness the embedded finance revolution, and engage with your customers in new ways. 

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“With Zepto, Kounta gets a beautifully simple way to collect funds directly from our customers without outdated direct debit forms and with much lower costs than credit card processing. Their rock-solid platform and attentive support mean we can invest our time in developing our business and not spending it on billing and integration challenges.”

Developer experience is everything

Zepto's powerful, yet simple-to-use API is engineered for great developer experience and ease of integration.

Jump into our sandbox, and keep an eye out for the Support Launcher to chat to our integration team.

You Know What to Do

Why Zepto?

We get it

We were merchants once, too. Yes, for real. By focusing on areas of process frustration, Zepto’s technology enhances customer experience, solves real problems, and delivers cost transformation for businesses of any size.
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Simple integration

Zepto is an API and automation-obsessed payments innovator that enables merchants to integrate with ease, and derive savings and value from simple to complex payment flows in a modern [data-driven], secure [consent-based] and performant [real-time] fashion.
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Real-time everything

With our simple API, you can send, receive, collect and disburse funds, identify parties, establish consent, create virtual accounts and reconcile everything in the blink of an eye.
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