Stored value solutions

Store funds indefinitely. Move them flexibly. Transforming your customer experience and business operations is about more than just speed of payment. Fast is great — sure — but precision, security and flexibility is where the rubber really hits the road.


Stop. Go. You control the flow.

Money streams through businesses in myriad ways.

Sometimes it has to move fast. Sometimes slow is the way to go. Sometimes bringing it to rest is best.

Zepto Stored Value delivers this flexibility so you can store, access and move funds precisely the way you need to.

The stored value advantage


Zepto Stored Value allows you to securely hold money — yours or your customers — in a virtual account indefinitely.


Those funds can then be moved precisely as required to meet your business and customer needs.


Zepto Stored Value connects to all our existing payment rails so that funds can move seamlessly in and out via the New Payments Platform [NPP] or BECS.

Whatever your business model, if you have a need to store funds securely, indefinitely then a Zepto solution might be just the ticket.

You might be an investment platform that needs to securely hold money in a single account so that it can be invested on behalf of your customers. That account can also then be used to manage returns derived from those investments, directly into the customer’s bank account.

You might be an eCommerce player that wants to transform customer experience by providing wallet capability within its app so customers don’t need to leave its platform. This could also help streamline manual processes and improve back-office efficiency. 

You might be an employment marketplace that helps facilitate services by providing specialist staff that is holding and then moving money earned by the staff directly to their bank account.

With a Zepto Stored Value solution you can keep your operational cash within the Zepto ecosystem indefinitely, and hold an infinite amount of money (AUD). Funds in your Stored value facility will be held by Zepto as trustee of the funds.
Using Zepto’s unique set of access points to Australia's account-to-account payments infrastructure, we can help you to tailor a secure, real-time payments ecosystem that can improve your operational efficiencies and take your customer experiences to new heights.

With Zepto, you benefit from enterprise-grade service supercharged by fintech speed, agility and innovation.

One platform and API for all your bank account payment and stored value needs. Giving you programmatic control to move money how you want, when you want.

Zepto can integrate and have you up-and-running in days, not weeks or months. 

Zepto Stored Value product connects with all our transaction solutions, which means streamlined efficiency when it comes to payments and management of funds.

Create payment flows and accounts to support your business and application needs. We integrate our payment services and stored value facility directly into your systems for optimal performance.

Robust regulatory and security controls to ensure the movement and storage of money in a compliant way.

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