Smart solutions for lenders

Better lending starts here. Enjoy smarter collections, faster clearance, reduced dishonours, top-grade security, and better customer outcomes, too.

Zepto knows the lending and financial services industries better than most, working with some of the biggest names – from Tier 1 financial institutions to small business lenders.

The real deal

Zepto is an NPP Connected Institution, a Registered AusPayNet Tier 2 BECS Participant, is authorised & licensed by ASIC. We are your future-proof payments partner, delivering faster funds, better collections, lower costs, and total security.

Integrated origination

Our integrations with leading data aggregators seamlessly connect with your own origination processes to deliver the ultimate experience in handling direct debit agreements and payment schedules. Our single API is backwards compatible with multiple endpoints for fast, easy integration.

In real time, all the time

Disburse loans as cleared funds in real-time, even on weekends and public holidays. Zepto can automatically verify destination accounts to confirm they are NPPA-enabled for security of payment and optimal customer experience.

Core solutions

Simplify customer-initiated payments and receive funds instantly with 100% data accuracy, real-time messaging, settlement and automatic reconciliation.
Traditional direct debit has had its day. Our merchant-initiated payment solutions eliminate dishonours, reduce fraud and errors, and power faster clearances, too.
Pay out and disburse funds instantly anytime–including weekends and public holidays–on NPP payment rails, and take your customer experience to another level.
Customers expect real-time everything, including refunds. Reimagine the movement of money with fully-automated, real time, data rich refunds that clear in seconds.
Choose your own payments adventure and create the perfect payment environment with granular and accurate reporting all driven programmatically by a flexible and robust API.