A tailor-made solution

We understand the tourism industry’s payment quirks and frustrations. After all, it’s where Zepto came from.

Because Zepto truly understands the challenges, we’ve designed the most secure and transparent travel payments platform available today—a platform tailor-made for the travel & tourism industry.

Grow your business

Not your back office. Set customised trading terms for each of your supplier partners, process and reconcile real-time transactions automatically, reduce errors, and provide complete transparency for all parties.

Reimagine the way money moves

Zepto’s tourism payments solution creates dynamic agreements between agents and operators that easily enable alternative payments such as refunds.

An integration passport

Zepto’s API integrates seamlessly with ticketing, reservations, wholesaling or accounting software to enable real-time transactions that are automatically processed and reconciled.

Core solutions

Simplify customer-initiated payments and receive funds in real time with precision, real-time messaging, settlement and automatic reconciliation.
Traditional direct debit has had its day. Our merchant-initiated payment solutions can reduce dishonours, fraud and errors, and power faster clearances, too.
Pay-out and disburse funds instantly anytime—including weekends and public holidays—on NPP payment rails, and take your customer experience to another level.
Customers expect real-time everything, including refunds. Reimagine the movement of money with fully-automated, real time, data rich refunds that clear in seconds.
Choose your own payments adventure and create the perfect payment for your business environment with granular and accurate reporting driven programmatically by a flexible and robust API.