Transformative payment solutions

Zepto’s real-time payment solutions integrate with ease, transform business operations, improve efficiencies, and radically enhance customer experience.

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Core Solutions

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PayTo is a new way for merchants to initiate real-time payments from their customers’ bank accounts–like a flexible, variable instant direct debit.
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Simplify customer-initiated payments and receive funds instantly with 100% data accuracy, real-time messaging, settlement and automatic reconciliation.
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Zepto delivers best-in-market direct debit solutions with the fastest settlement times, ultimate flexibility and granular real time reporting. On top of that, our open banking capabilities eliminate dishonours, reduce fraud and errors. We’re PayTo-ready, too.
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Pay out and disburse funds instantly anytime–including weekends and public holidays–on NPP payment rails, and take your customer experience to another level.
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Customers expect real-time everything, including refunds. Reimagine the movement of money with fully-automated, real time, data rich refunds that clear in seconds.
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Simplify complex payment flows, and programmatically control those payment flows through a single API by utilising our virtual account capabilities. Put Zepto’s granular reporting to work and make better data-led business decisions.
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Extended Solutions

Deploy Zepto’s open banking capabilities, real-time digital consent framework and superior collection solutions to match someone’s real-time capacity to pay, with their willingness to pay. Automate payment flows, eliminate dishonour fees, reduce back office and call centre workload, and transform customer experience.

Markets move in real time, and so should customer funds. Zepto enables instant funding of trading and gaming accounts with PayID so your clients can take advantage of every opportunity the moment they arise. Not only that, Zepto’s cloud-native technology stack is built for security and accuracy at extreme scale.

Take your payroll experience to another level and retain the very best talent with instant, end-of-shift wage payments 365 days a year. Zepto’s float accounts, automation and real-time payout capabilities deliver cleared payments into bank accounts in seconds. Yes, even on Easter Sunday.


No two businesses are alike. With a Zepto custom solution you can reimagine your most important customer interaction–the moment of transaction–in ways you never thought possible. In the process, you’ll automate back office processes, reduce costs, fraud and dishonours, and make every payment do precisely what you want it to with accuracy and control.

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