Modern direct debit for enterprise

With Zepto's API-powered, data-rich enterprise direct debit solution, you can hit every exchange point, reduce dishonours, and maximise one-off and recurring payment success.

Better for your business

Say goodbye to paper forms and manual handling. Zepto’s automated, real-time enduring consent framework lets you manage modern and compliant, digital Direct Debit Request Service Agreements. Our direct debit hits every exchange point for better control of payment initiation, enables consent-checks that can reduce unauthorised payments, and you benefit from the fastest direct debit settlement in the market.

Better for your customers

Engage with your customers in new ways and significantly reduce a classic payment frustration—dishonours. By hitting every exchange point, you can initiate more successful collections more often, reducing back-office headaches, contact centre interventions and dishonour fee frustrations that can negatively impact customer experience and loyalty.

Better tech

Dynamic checks and balances capture errors – from duplication monitoring across manual file submissions, to supporting idempotency keys to avoid accidentally performing the same operation twice when using our API endpoints. Real-time status updates are communicated via our API or the webhooks directly in your existing platforms. This is purpose-built, modern tech that delivers a modern direct debit experience.

The Zepto Way


24/7 incident management, including engineers on call, as well as a 100% locally based technical & integration support team.


We are committed to delivering absolute best-in-class service for account-to-account payments. This involves the continuous iteration of new product functionality that uplifts the offerings our merchant customers are able to provide to their own end-users.


Zepto’s API and easy integration gives enterprise businesses the benefits of tomorrow’s payments ecosystem today. Our product roadmap is comprehensive, focused on the now, whilst planning for the future. This is evidenced by our in-market, agile delivery of bespoke functionality to our enterprise client base, as well as our commitment to building future facing technologies.

Meet PayTo

A driver of digital transformation and payment modernisation, PayTo® delivers tomorrow's payment experiences today. PayTo is a modern way for businesses to collect payments from their customers’ bank accounts and have them settle in real time, all the time—like an always-on, instant direct debit. A digital alternative to direct debit and more, PayTo delivers the set-and-forget benefits of direct debits and cards with a decreased risk of missed payments and fraud.

Meet PayTo

Modern tech designed for scale and security

Zepto is proudly ISO/IEC 27001 certified for information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection.
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Built as a RESTful API using JSON as its data-interchange format, Zepto's API is aligned to ISO 20022 enabling standardisation, automation, improved reporting and carriage of data-rich payments, all of which are supported by the ISO 20022 messaging standard.

Our simple-to-use API is engineered for great developer experience and ease of integration. Built as a RESTful API using JSON as its data-interchange format, it’s designed to feel homely but behave performant and modular-in-style. 
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Zepto’s Help Centre contains useful articles, cheat sheets and deeper insights to help with your integration. This is regularly updated with release notes, updates and articles.

This article highlights our DDR and DDRSA requirements as a KYC-Trusted client.

The best way to familiarise yourself with Zepto’s API is by interacting with it. Jump into our sandbox environment, and look for the support launcher to talk with our integration team.

Zepto Direct Debit: Frequently Asked Questions

Zepto’s direct debit solution provides access to every banking exchange point. That gives businesses access to the exchange point that will most likely deliver a successful collection for any given customer––not just the one [or two] exchange points offered by their bank.

When businesses have the ability to align their collection attempts with customer credit events and the nearest exchange point, failed collections can be drastically reduced.

If you're a merchant restricted yourself to a single, daily, weekday-only direct debit collection attempt, you’re up against it. The impact on cash flow of failed collections can be enormous. Not to mention the impact on customers furious at receiving another dishonour fee.

Put simply, that’s the way we built our infrastructure. It seemed obvious from the earliest moments of our payments journey, that merchants should have access to every exchange point, every business day. That way, they could create the payment flow that suited them, not their banking partner.

Our purpose is to give our customers access to the most flexible and modular paytech toolkit available anywhere to create their own tailored payment experiences.

We are fundamentally a customer-centric solutions creator. We don't tell our merchant partners when to direct debit, they have complete control over whether they access the first or the last exchange of the day for any given customer. They craft their own story.

Zepto provides the tools and the access to all those exchange points, and they can time their direct debits to maximise the likelihood of success.

Digital-first, enterprise-ready direct debit starts here