Manage & simplify the complex

Choose your own payments adventure, and create your perfect payment environment with granular and accurate reporting all driven programmatically by a flexible and robust API.

Clarity & efficiency

View all of your transactions clearly in one centralised place, and have them settle precisely the way you want them to. Customise your back-office set-up to optimise reconciliation and speed of payments.

Machine Learning

Offer your customers a choice of ways to pay or be paid that best suits your specific business or product offering. Zepto’s machine learning capabilities can reduce dishonours, and our programmatic insights into transactional data can move money fast, precisely and securely.

Virtual Account Management

Create and manage unlimited virtual accounts with Zepto, and use them to represent a customer, a transaction or as a float to enable a host of payable and receivable scenarios. Make complex payment and reconciliation flows simple.

Hybrid solutions

Zepto’s auto-switching capability delivers an 'efficiency of payment' by routing a payment across multiple rails based on preconfigured efficiency settings like clearance speed and cost. 

By combining traditional direct entry to collect payments, for example, with real-time NPP payout capabilities, Zepto delivers a unique financial payments experience made all the more powerful with our consent management solutions. 


It’s time to level the paying field

Financial Services

Zepto helps organisations reimagine the way money moves through the financial services industry


Zepto’s API and easy integration gives merchants the benefits of tomorrow’s payments ecosystem today.

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