Real estate, meet real-time money

Rev-up your rent roll, and bank your deposits at hammer time. Zepto’s split-second collection and real-time reconciliation happens faster than you can say, “All done? Sold!”

Zepto’s real-time account-to-account payments solutions are fast, precise and enjoy close to 100% uptime. That means payments go where they should, when they should, every time.

Business transformation

Zepto creates precise, real-time, account-to-account payments solutions that can transform business operations, improve back-office workflows, cash flow and customer experience.

Frictionless funding at speed

Zepto enables a 1-to-1 payment relationship with every buyer, owner or tenant. That means precise collections, instant reconciliations, and swifter arrears resolutions across your entire rent roll.


Zepto’s connectivity with both traditional payments systems and Australia’s emerging real-time payments infrastructure means we can move funds precisely the way our customers need them to. Pick a lane, or choose your own payments adventure.
“Zepto’s solution enables our automated arrears process to start the day the rental is due—rather than waiting up to three days for the bank to let them know that the direct debit hasn’t cleared. This gives agency property managers a three-day head start, and allows them to minimise their arrears.”
Sandy Moore, Chief Operating Officer - OurProperty

Core solutions

Simplify customer-initiated payments and receive funds instantly with precision, real-time messaging and settlement, and automatic reconciliation.
Traditional direct debit has had its day. Our merchant-initiated payment solutions can reduce dishonours, fraud and errors. They can power faster clearances, too.
Pay-out and disburse funds instantly anytime—including weekends and public holidays—on NPP payment rails, and take your customer experience to another level.
Customers expect real-time everything, including refunds. Reimagine the movement of money with fully-automated, real time, data-rich refunds that clear in seconds.
Choose your own payments adventure and create the perfect payment environment with granular and accurate reporting all driven programmatically by a flexible and robust API.