Payments and Payroll Belong Together

Payroll is complex. Most payroll software providers master the painstaking, individual-specific calculations, but few take the final step to complete a payroll cycle — actually executing the payment themselves.

Say bye-bye to ABA Files

With the fiddly calculations done, most payroll providers send a finalised ABA file to their employer customers for a manual upload into their business bank account to execute the payroll transactions.

That might be OK for some, but what if a payroll provider owned the process from end-to-end including the instant verification of individual recipient bank accounts and the secure mechanism to push payments to those accounts? –– in real time too. Payroll transactions and reconciliation all in one!

With employer customers freed from endlessly repetitive payroll admin, talk about a payroll process game-changer.

Why bring payments in-house?

The power to edge out your competition by offering a service beyond what is standard now (ABA files). Take the lead with an all-inclusive payroll calculation and payment service, and reinvent customer experience in the payroll software industry.

With a Zepto solution, not only will payroll providers finally have the tech integrations they need to execute payroll payments, they can also offer their employer customers the ultimate in payroll agility.

With Zepto's API doing the payment orchestration heavy-lifting, payroll payments can be programmed flexibly. Think payroll on demand –– ideal for gig economy or periodic payments –– enabling employers to offer nimble payroll, even daily, based on business or employee preference.

This flexibility can elevate employee experience, giving employers an edge in a competitive job market.

The opportunity to monetise payroll payment-as-a-service. Remove the headache of repeated manual payments for your employers to create and retain happy employer customers.

In addition to employer customers no longer having to manually execute their payroll payments, Zepto’s built-in granular reporting makes ledger management and reconciliation a breeze, and even helps with forecasting of business cash flow.

Also, as payments executed by Zepto can be done in real time, employers don’t have to prepay or withhold large sums of cash reserved for paydays in advance, freeing capital up to be used flexibly. 

The Zepto Difference

Zepto creates real-time, data-driven, account-to-account payment solutions for the on-demand economy. 

Our API integrates smoothly and securely with tech stacks old and new. That makes Zepto the perfect partner for service providers who may not have in-house payments expertise but still wish to process them without resorting to e-commerce platforms not suitable for software business models or absorbing high credit card fees.

Zepto processes account-to-account payment volumes worth billions of dollars every month. We’ve got you covered with our tech capability and our 24/7/365 local support team, too. 

Zepto: The Perfect Payment Partner for Payroll 

Partner with Zepto

Bring payroll payments in-house

You’ve always meticulously executed payroll calculations, and your customers love you for it. But there’s a competitive advantage in relieving them of their manual payroll touch points and offering them a new service: splitting and executing the components of a pay run (salary/wages, taxes withheld, Super and more) on their behalf – all in a real time, automated, secure and compliant workflow powered by Zepto.

Surprise and delight your customers with an industry-first, end-to-end payroll payment service. Seize the tremendous opportunity to vanquish ‘good enough’, and set the new standard in payroll customer experience.

Payroll software that actually pays?


What is PayTo?

PayTo is a modern, secure, digital account-to-account direct debit and credit solution developed by the NPPA, and backed by the RBA, as the new standard for seamless payment experience. Most Australian bank accounts will be PayTo-enabled in 2023. 

It will be possible with PayTo to fund large scale payments like payroll in just seconds without having to pre-fund a float account days in advance using slow, legacy methods like direct debit. The speed and timeliness of PayTo funds transfers can have a significantly positive impact on company cash flow.

Zepto is on the forefront of PayTo business solutions and our proprietary API combined with our Connected Institution status with the real-time rails of the NPP firmly positions us to innovate and deliver beyond basic PayTo solutions.

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Who Is & Why Zepto?

Zepto is the first Australian fintech to be both directly connected to the real-time payment rails of the New Payments Platform and to have an unrestricted open-banking accreditation [ADR] under the ACCC’s Consumer Data Right.

Zepto sits at the intersection of real-time payments and data, with a clear view of "what's possible" when it comes to payments. 

Unencumbered by legacy technology and thinking, Zepto has built a Financial Cloud Service that sits atop an interchangeable orchestration layer of payment and data channels specifically for business. 

Zepto is an interconnected ecosystem of highly composable cloud-native technology architected for scale, real-time payments infrastructure, open banking capabilities, a cohort of payments-obsessed people, and a culture of innovation, automation and agility. 

Our solutions have 3 core promises

The ability to connect regardless of complexity. Create the optimal payment flow between you and your customer.
No two businesses are alike. Use any or all parts of our solutions suite through a single integration as you scale.
Modern RESTful API and light-touch integration delivers a seamless, real-time digital payments experience. Our API endures steady and high API uptime.