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PayTo is a new way for merchants to initiate real-time payments from their customers’ bank accounts–like a flexible, variable instant direct debit.

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What is PayTo?

PayTo's pre-authorised real-time payments deliver the set-and-forget benefits of direct debits and credit cards with a decreased risk of missed payments and fraud.

It’s revolutionary in the way it delivers a single, flexible, secure payment solution connecting merchant and customer bank accounts without the delays and limitations of traditional payment methods.


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The payments game-changer

Keep your money moving

Say goodbye to delayed direct debit payments and funding lags. PayTo’s rich data sets enable enhanced, real-time payment reconciliation at any time, all the time.

Clarity & transparency

See when a payment agreement is paused, changed or cancelled, giving you the clarity you need to engage with your consumers, deepen customer trust and maximise payment success.

A single integration

Integrate just once with Zepto, take advantage of our signature super-enhanced direct debit solutions–Australia’s fastest–and our single API will have you PayTo-ready pronto.

One-off Payments

PayTo revolutionises direct debit payment initiation, and not just recurring ones - it can be used for one-off payments, too.

Recurring Payments

PayTo’s real-time account validation and notifications at various stages of every payment remove the uncertainty of traditional direct debit.

Benefits for merchants and their customers

01 Increase successful payment collection as everything is automated, verified, customer pre-authorised and moves in real-time.

02 Confirmed funds availability in customers’ bank accounts in real-time when a payment is initiated, eliminating dishonours - for good.

03 No more paper agreements, drastically reduce back-office admin and reconciliation busywork.

04 The superior customer experience of seamless payments without having to leave the merchant’s digital environment.

05 Visibility when a customer pauses, changes or cancels a PayTo agreement, providing the insight needed to engage timely and maximise payment success.

01 Pay bills and make purchases directly from their bank account.

02 PayTo agreements are portable and can be easily moved between accounts and banks.

03 A fully digital sign-up experience enables seamless payment set-up on the spot.

04 Manage PayTo agreements from one screen/place within the security of their existing online or mobile banking app.

05 Full control to set up, pause or cancel a PayTo agreement as desired.

"PayTo will fundamentally change the way money moves, accelerate cash flow, and give consumers more clarity and control over when and where their payments are going."

Why Choose Zepto for PayTo?

As a Connected Institution [CI] on the New Payments Platform (NPP), Zepto is unhindered by intermediaries between it and Australia's modern, real-time payment rails.

This frees Zepto from the limitations that come with connecting to the underlying payments infrastructure through a 3rd-party, and allows Zepto to innovate freely beyond the base PayTo framework and offering.

Merchants who integrate with Zepto for PayTo can expect a classic Zepto, light-touch integration, best-in-class payment flows and experience throughout their entire onboarding journey. 

Zepto has conducted extensive merchant and consumer research to ensure their valuable insights inform our PayTo product roadmap and ultimately deliver the payment experience they expect and value.

Transform your customer experience

PayTo gives customers more visibility and control over payment obligations from their bank accounts, and will eliminate the friction points of traditional direct debit. Your customers will enjoy a massively enhanced payment experience, and you’ll enjoy a freer, faster flow of funds.

Is your business PayTo ready?

Integrate now with Zepto, and you’ll have no additional development work to port across to PayTo—if you want to—the moment we switch it on. Our API does all the heavy lifting, so you won’t have to.

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