Refund in real time

Simplify and automate your payment processes, enhance your customer experience, and enjoy a strategic business advantage with real-time refunds powered by Zepto.

A strategic advantage

Refunds happen. But they should be fast, accurate, data rich and painless for both the merchant and the consumer. Refund with precision and speed, and enjoy a strategic business advantage with a Zepto real-time refund solution.

From hassle to happy

Happy customers are loyal customers, while poor refund experiences become blockers to future purchases. Process refunds faster, and elevate the customer experience with real-time messaging at each stage of the refund process.

Checks and balances

Our dynamic checks and balances capture any duplication errors to avoid accidentally performing the same operation twice when using our API.

Standard refund rules

Refund capabilities are baked into the Zepto platform and operate around a strict set of standard refund rules such as: Can only refund against a prior successful Payment Request; Can only refund up to the value of the initial Payment Request; Can refund partial amounts.


It’s time to level the paying field

Financial Services

Zepto helps organisations reimagine the way money moves through the financial services industry


Zepto’s API and easy integration gives merchants the benefits of tomorrow’s payments ecosystem today.

Are you ready to level the paying field?