Instant Account Funding

Zepto's Instant Account Funding solution enables simple, secure, flexible and frictionless real-time funding of user accounts—perfect for share trading, digital wallets and gaming platforms, too.

Time-critical transactions

When customers spot an opportunity for a time-critical share trade or wager, they need to take action immediately. Zepto powers frictionless movement of funds between accounts so customers can not only freely manage their stocks, tips and digital wallets in real-time, but their cash too.

Configurable & responsive

Zepto's instant account funding solutions are highly configurable, super-responsive, integrate seamlessly, and support multiple use cases. Create a unique PayID for every customer to facilitate instant, easy funding and accurate, automated reconciliation.

Grow your business

Funding directly from their bank account in real-time means customers can easily and instantly top-up their trading or gaming accounts and wallets. Satisfied customers are loyal customers.

Why we love PayID

PayID is a simple, low cost digital payment option for receiving fast payments from your customers straight into your account. PayID payments happen instantly and securely even between accounts at different banks. PayID can be used for all kinds of payments 24×7, every day of the year. 

It’s smarter, too. PayID includes a confirmation step before the payment is made so users can check they are paying the right person or business.


It’s time to level the paying field

Financial Services

Zepto helps organisations reimagine the way money moves through the financial services industry


Zepto’s API and easy integration gives merchants the benefits of tomorrow’s payments ecosystem today.

Are you ready to level the paying field?