Zepto's Inaugural Virtual Summit: Lighting The Way

On 11 August 2022, Zepto held its first ever virtual summit. Streaming to the company's remote-first workforce all around Australia from Zepto HQ in Byron Bay, here's a glimpse behind the scenes at what went down.

Zepto's inaugural Virtual Summit theme was 'Lighting the Way' –– and it provided an opportunity to shine a light on where the business is at, where it's headed, and what it will need to do and set in motion to get there. But it wasn't all business and learning, there was plenty of lightness and gratitude too.

For six hours –– yes, six hours –– the summit team rolled out a series of engaging sessions, presentations and panels to the gathered virtual audience of Zepto people right across the country and abroad. Those sessions covered areas including:

  • Vision, mission and strategy
  • Zepto's OKR framework
  • The Zepto Elevator Pitch
  • Customer spotlights
  • Product showcases
  • Expert Panel: Lighting the Future of Payments
The inaugural Zepto Virtual Summit in full swing, 11 August 2022

Refreshingly, the Customer Spotlight session and Expert Panel were taken to another level by the involvement and insights of Zepto customers and industry heavyweights including Sam Teoh - Head of Operations at Binance Australia, and Katrina Stuart - Managing Director of New Payments Platform Australia.

“We can’t underestimate the value of getting everyone together for a shared experience like this. In the absence of being able to do this in person for now, hosting a thoughtful and incredibly well-produced virtual summit event like this adds another layer of the cultural fabric and shared journey that bonds us as a team,” said Zepto’s Chief People Officer, Matt O’Leary.

We can’t underestimate the value of getting everyone together for a shared experience like this.

Zepto’s Chief People Officer, Matt O’Leary

“Everyone left feeling energised and inspired by the focus of our direction, the clarity of our strategy and the celebration and recognition of the amazing humans that work at Zepto. It was a highlight of my time at Zepto, and I am looking forward to the next one already,” he added. 

Even though the Zepto team gathers for regular huddles and the like, this day was different –– it sharpened our focus and inspired. The 'Lighting the Way' theme was an apt one as the summit's content truly shone a light on the way forward for Zepto. As a company, we also often speak about how Zepto shines a light on "what's possible" when it comes to payments. 

Significantly, too, 'Lighting the Way' beautifully references a Zepto brand pillar: The Beacon.

If you've ever been to Byron Bay, or live here or nearby, you'll recognise that moment when, on a clear night a fast-moving sweep of light catches your eye––the beam from the lighthouse on Cape Byron. It is powerful, effortless and reassuring. It's always there, that beacon on the high ground.

Together, everyone at Zepto is creating the building blocks of the Zepto beacon. They're making and assembling those blocks to make the beacon's foundations ever broader, the light of its lamp ever brighter, and the sweep of its beam higher and ever more far reaching.

No matter how or where Zepto team members contribute to the company, they are all beacon builders.

What Zepto does is fairly simple: We are creating a better way to pay. Better for business, and better for consumers.

According to ACI Worldwide, Australia's 970 million real-time transactions [in 2021] delivered savings of $205 million for businesses & consumers - unlocking $932 million of economic output. Likewise, a 2021 Accuity study found that APAC organisations lost $47.3 billion to failed payments, and 60% lost customers to failed payments and dishonour fees.

When we look at global trends, and the measurable impact that better ways to pay have on businesses and their customers, we see a very bright future indeed. Zepto's inaugural virtual summit has set the course to that future, and we are on our way towards it, full steam ahead. 

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