In the Room: The Point 2022

The Point 2022 was a brilliant two-day conference centred on reframing New Zealand's payments future. The program included an incredible line-up of speakers and panelists, and Zepto's Julia Bearzatto was right in the thick of it.

With pandemics, climate change, geopolitical tensions and digital transformation having profound socio-economic impacts globally, The Point 2022 was an opportunity to take stock. Over two days, the conference program covered myriad challenges and opportunities, and was a catalyst for thought-provoking conversations about the future of payments in New Zealand.

International speakers included Rachel Botsman, influential author and celebrated TED Talker; Australian Global Futurist, Chris Riddell; Brett King, Futurist, author and founder of Moven; and Scott Farrell, partner at King & Wood Mallesons. Farrell led two Australian Government inquiries that developed the framework for Australia’s Consumer Data Right, and chaired the review into the regulatory architecture of Australia’s payments system.

We were delighted to have a voice in the room. Zepto's Chief Product Officer Julia Bearzatto joined the Payments Innovation Panel session alongside Adrian Smith from Blinkpay, Mark Colley of Red Bird Ventures, and Dosh's Shane Marsh. During the session, Julia discussed Zepto's recent launch into the NZ market, the importance of open banking action initiation to digital wallets, as well as embedded finance and its role in our future lives.

"It was fantastic to meet so many people from right across the payments industry and beyond at The Point 2022. The event attracted a great mix of impressive people, and a brilliant mix of speakers from regulation, technology and evolving standards - the full gamut of information."


"I was fortunate to be on a panel with three fantastic peers. Some really interesting points were put forward in terms of opening things up, regulation and even some big sticks to help fintechs truly breakthrough and create the new possible in New Zealand. The payments industry here is at an interesting point in its evolution with things like open banking, which is already in play. And they've got the consumer data right coming over the top - something that was announced the day after the conference.

"There are improvements to New Zealand's direct entry system which will soon flow through, and they're looking at what they do next. Like, how will they look at real time payments? How does open banking connect into that? And how do they start to evolve around the consumer data right and potentially CBDCs?"

Julia was joined in New Zealand by colleagues Henri Pryde and one of Zepto's Australian-based Kiwis, Jurone Sullivan. It turned out to be something of a homecoming for Jurone.

"It was great to be back in the motherland. The opening of the conference by Ngati Whatua Orakei was incredible. To be exposed to my heritage after many years away was extremely emotional," said Jurone.

Zepto's Julia Bearzatto, Jurone Sullivan and Henri Pryde in Auckland at The Point 2022.

For Henri, Rachel Botsman's The Currency of Trust session was a highlight.

"Botsman spoke about how society is moving from Institutional Trust models to Decentralised Trust models, and that it's becoming ever more difficult to understand who you can trust. She believes many tech companies fail because they fail to understand the currency of trust. Botsman asserts that this needs to be built into tech business models, especially in finance, if they're to succeed."


The Point 2022 was an incredible learning experience for the Zepto team, one that has us inspired and excited about the opportunities we see to make a difference across The Ditch.

"It's going to be fascinating to watch how New Zealand evolves in terms of what's right for its economy, its merchants and its people. It's an exciting space, and I look forward to seeing Zepto play a role in New Zealand's new possible," said Julia.

We do, too.


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