Enterprise PayID Solutions

Zepto’s flagship instant-funds transfer solution supercharges millions of transactions each day with the unique, industry-first capability to activate thousands of PayIDs instantaneously. Create a unique PayID® for every customer to facilitate instant, easy payments and accurate, automated reconciliation.

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Split-second payments

Manual reconciliation. Poor cashflow. Soaring admin costs. Delayed payments and frustrated customers.

Sound familiar?

Simplify customer-initiated payments and receive funds instantly. Zepto's PayID-powered enterprise payment solutions eliminate these pain-points through data-rich, real-time payments, with automatic reconciliation and precision at scale.

And your customers? They'll love that they can pay securely from their own bank account, precisely when they want to.

PayID is a registered trademark of NPP Australia Limited.


Your business but better

Zepto’s PayID® powered enterprise payment solutions smooth over expensive payment pain points including reconciliation headaches, process inefficiencies, only-on-business-days funding lags, errors and fraudulent or misdirected payments.

Stability & security at scale

Zepto's API provides secure connectivity to the NPP's payment rails, and powers real-time receivables at any scale. Elastic Load Balancing throughout the Zepto ecosystem, ensures seamless service delivery, even during the most volatile volume surges.

Next-level customer experience

Create a seamless payment experience your customers actually like. With a PayID-powered enterprise payment solution from Zepto, you can know precisely who paid for what instantly, and accelerate your product and service delivery.
Zepto PayID

How much do we love PayID?

There are more than 1.1 million Zepto-powered PayIDs and counting.

That's how much.

Zepto's PayID-powered enterprise payment solutions are highly configurable, super-responsive, integrate seamlessly, and support multiple use cases. 

PayID payments settle in seconds, 24×7, every day of the year. Yes, even on Good Friday.

They're smarter, too. PayID includes a confirmation step before the payment is made so users can check they are paying the right person or business.

PayID has been a trusted Australian payment method since 2018.

Enterprise-ready payments with impact

Payments shouldn't be an afterthought - they can be a real business muscle. Zepto’s Enterprise-ready payments API powers account-to-account payments that flex under pressure, delivering the speed and precision customers expect, and the efficiencies modern enterprise businesses need.

“Partnering with Zepto to launch PayID makes sense for us. Their real-time payments platform is a market leader, and they are experts in their field with an intimate understanding of A2A payments. They understand the context of our software, our industry, and most importantly, the needs of our customers.”
Lee Slattery | General Manager | finPOWER

Why Zepto?

Zepto blends fintech agility, accessibility and support underpinned by enterprise grade infrastructure delivering extensibility, security and stability.

Zepto is the first Australian fintech to be both directly connected to the real-time payment rails of the New Payments Platform, and to have an unrestricted open-banking accreditation [ADR] under the ACCC’s Consumer Data Right.

Zepto sits at the intersection of real-time payments and data, with a clear view of "what's possible" when it comes to real-time, account-to-account payments for enterprise. 

We believe that the business battles of tomorrow will be won with payments technology that's available today.

Unencumbered by legacy technology and thinking, Zepto has built a Financial Cloud Service that sits atop an interchangeable orchestration layer of payment and data channels.

No legacy, no batch processing, just modern enterprise-grade architectures designed for the real time economy. This means Zepto has you covered not only for the known but also the unknown future of real time payments adoption, trends and innovations.

Zepto is an interconnected ecosystem of highly composable, cloud-native technology architected for scale, real-time payments infrastructure, account verification capabilities, a cohort of payments-obsessed people, and a culture of innovation, automation and agility. 

Enterprise payment solutions and processing demand speed and precision. Moving and managing money efficiently is critical for any business, but when complex enterprise payment flows are at play, every zeptosecond counts.

Zepto's founders were merchants once, so we innately understand the impact of payment speed and precision. We’ve created a suite of super fast, highly composable enterprise payment solutions to enable your organisation to manage payments the way that works for you and your customers.

Fast enough to power the highest transaction volumes, our real-time funds-transfer, next-level direct debit and wallet solutions are built with system stability, scalability & performance at their core.

PayID Frequently Asked Questions

Australians have been using PayID since 2018.

PayID lets users attach easy-to-remember identifiers, such as their phone number or email address, to their bank accounts — like giving an account a unique nickname. Users can provide their PayID, instead of their BSB and account number, to people or organisations they wish to receive payments from in real-time.

PayID payments are real-time 'push' payments initiated by a payer.

PayID is an initiative of NPP Australia, the organisation that operates Australia’s real-time payments infrastructure, the New Payments Platform (NPP). NPP Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Payments Plus, Australia’s domestic payment organisation that also includes BPAY Group and eftpos.

In most cases, funds transfers using PayID settle almost instantly, even between different banks and on weekends or public holidays. Say goodbye to waiting two business days for your payments to hit your account.

PayID is accessible within the online banking of participating banks, credit unions and building societies. This means the same level of security that protects your existing bank account payments will also protect payments made using a PayID.

PayID payments also include a confirmation step before payment is made so users can check they are making a payment to the right business or person.

PayID is an extremely versatile payment method. Zepto merchant customers use PayID-powered enterprise payment solutions in many ways. Some examples include:

  • Providing their own customers with a simple, secure, frictionless way to fund their accounts in real time—perfect for share trading, digital wallets and gaming platforms, too. When customers spot an opportunity for a time-critical share trade or wager, they need to take action immediately. Zepto powers the frictionless movement of funds between accounts, so customers can freely manage their stocks, tips and digital wallets in real-time, and their cash too.
  • PayID solutions are also used by property management platforms to facilitate fast and accurate rental payments. And real-time property sale deposits can be received faster than you can say ‘All done, SOLD!’

By creating a unique PayID for every customer, enterprise businesses can facilitate instant, easy payments from their customers, and accurate, automated reconciliation.

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