In The Room: Women in Payments 2022 Symposium

We were delighted to have Zepto voices in important conversations at the Women in Payments 2022 'Paying it Forward Together' Symposium in Sydney. Chief Commercial Officer Carolyn Breeze and Head of Enterprise & Government Emily Curlewis took centre stage on a pair of panels.

The Global Association of Women in Payments celebrates women's achievements, innovation, and leadership in the payments industry, and its annual Australian symposium is keenly anticipated. This year, the overarching theme was 'Paying it Forward Together'. 

Over two days, a brilliant cast of leaders, disruptors and visionaries discussed topics ranging from Central Bank Digital Currencies, the convergence of payments and data ecosystems, cross-border payments, the rise of digital expectations, economic instability, supply chain security, the Metaverse, the importance of diversity in leadership, security and fraud, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Identity, Machine Learning, NFTs, crypto and more.

Left to right: Zepto's Emily Curlewis and Carolyn Breeze at the Women in Payments 2022 Symposium in Sydney with Elaine Herlihy, Chief Marketing & Product Officer at OFX.

The 'Changing the Way Australians Pay' panel assembled on the main stage. Moderator Lynn Kraus [Chief Executive Officer at Australian Payments Plus] led panellists Carolyn Breeze, Simone Joyce, Gulshan Singh and Debbie Wine through a conversation about how the payments industry is changing the way Australians pay.

There was agreement from the panelists that we're at a tipping point in Australia, and that we're going to start seeing even more interesting products and use cases built on top of Australia's payments infrastructure. There's an unshackling underway and it’s up to the payments industry to help large businesses that are shackled to legacy systems and old ways of paying to be more agile and adopt the new technologies like PayTo. 

"The annual Women in Payments symposium is always brilliant. It's such a great gathering of minds and viewpoints from every corner of the payments ecosystem. I love everything about it, and it's evident to me that our industry brims with incredible thinkers and doers committed to delivering on the promises and potential of new technology and better ways to pay."


Zepto's Head of Enterprise & Government Emily Curlewis joined the 'Why Partnerships are the Future of Payments' panel moderated by Accenture's Sara Bellissimo. Alongside Camilla Bullock, Victoria Elms and Siew Lee Seow, the panel explored 'Why Partnerships are the Future of Payments'.

"An important Zepto company value is ‘win through others’. So partnerships are a vital thread that runs through our business," said Emily.

"We are aligned in so many ways with our partner organisations - not just strategically and what we believe the future is, our vision and purpose, but in our values and our approach. We play to each other's strengths, there’s trust and transparency, respect and honesty - all key ingredients to what makes a successful partnership."


"Increasingly we are seeing more and more players in the payment ecosystem that have deep and niche specialisation. It’s about bringing the best in class players together to create great payment solutions and experiences for the end customer," said Emily.

Congratulations to Women in Payments for another excellent symposium. Forums like this are vital to a flourishing payments industry that thrives with diversity of thought, leadership and experience. All of that was on display in Sydney.

Little wonder Lynn Kraus said, “the Australian payments landscape is in very good hands.”

We couldn't agree more.

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