Helping Realtair’s Customers Do More With Less

In this Customer Success Story, we take a look at the solution Zepto designed with and for Realtair, and how our payment solutions are supercharging this game-changing, end-to-end property sales platform for real estate professionals.

Imagine selling or purchasing a property completely online AND securely. Enter Realtair, conceived and realised by a team of passionate real estate professionals and engineers with a combined 80+ years of industry experience.

Backed by REA, Realtair is proudly revolutionising the Australian real estate buying and selling experience. From prospecting to settlement, Realtair allows real estate agents to access data, appraise, list and sell properties more efficiently and cost-effectively, all on its proprietary digital platform, available from any device.

The result is a more engaging and satisfying real estate transaction experience for agents and buyers alike, with on-demand access to information, transparency on progress, immediate and secure deposits, e-signatures, compliance guardrails and more to expedite the long and often jarring process of buying and selling real estate.

Banking deposits faster than you can say ‘All done, SOLD!’ 

One of the key technological and competitive advantages that Realtair’s digital experience delivers is the ability to securely request and deposit funds online, in real time. It’s this vital part of the Realtair experience that Zepto powers. 

Moments after an auction ends or a contract to purchase is exchanged, Realtair eliminates idle and nerve-racking waiting time, allowing agents to secure the property sale deposit and confirm the sale with the vendor within seconds of handshakes and hammer-falls. Buyers can enter bank details privately and securely––their identities and accounts instantly verified––eliminating fraud risk and reducing double handling of sensitive information. This is where Zepto works silently, seamlessly with precision in the background. 

Zepto executes the real-time deposit transfer. Realtair then notifies and tracks the transaction status for all parties, because, frankly, why should anyone wait up to two business days to clear a deposit transfer, or any transaction for that matter?

Zepto Sales Executive Rebecca Ribeiro played a key role collaborating with the brilliant people behind Realtair to deliver the real-time deposit solution.

“I love working with innovative, future-shapers like Realtair. Money moves through the property and real estate sector in so many ways, and Zepto helps businesses in this space make it move just the way they and their customers need it to. As a customer-first business, we're delighted that Realtair's solution is all about taking their own customer experience to another level."

Rebecca Ribeiro | Zepto

The Realtair Perspective 

Zepto’s real-time payment solution for Realtair has shattered conventions, exceeded expectations, and paved the way to a steady uplift in customer experience and ROI for Realtair. 

We asked the team who pioneered this game-changing real estate experience from the ground up at Realtair––Product Manager, Justine Peralta; and CTO and Co-Founder, Blake Williams––about working with Zepto.

“Integrating with Zepto for our deposit-taking function – which is a critical step for real estate agents using the Realtair platform – came down to their commitment to the highest level of security and peace-of-mind for our customers. The team at Zepto provided the expertise and know-how to support us in the integration process to achieve a seamless experience for our agents, helping Realtair to facilitate over $68 million worth of deposits since July 2021.”

Blake Williams | Realtair Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Realtair’s Product Manager Justine Peralta highlighted the ease and speed of technical integration, as well as Zepto’s attentive support noting that, "There couldn't be a better-suited partner for Realtair. Zepto provides a whole array of solutions we can readily adopt at our disposal.”

“Upon onboarding, we were equipped with the knowledge base articles, API documentation, and the sandbox environment. The Zepto team were responsive and knowledgeable – especially Vishakha and Clint, who are our technical support specialists – and never failed us in preparing for production releases."

Justine Peralta | Realtair Product Manager

Levelling the Paying Field

Like another of Zepto’s stellar real estate customers, Bluestone Home Loans whose mobile-first internet banking platform is underpinned by Zepto's real-time payments technologyRealtair can focus on what it does best knowing that, with Zepto in its corner, its payment flows are precise, secure and lightning fast. 

Zepto’s customers choose their own payments adventure, and create their ideal payment environment with granular and accurate reporting, all driven programmatically by a flexible and robust API.

The heart of what Zepto does is enabling businesses to calibrate their payment settings with precision to drive enormous efficiencies and radically improve their customer experience.

Zepto allows modern businesses to rethink what actually makes sense when it comes to their unique business rhythms and payment flows.

Contact Zepto today, and let's get started co-designing your optimal payment solution. 

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