Are you ready to roll out the PayTo red carpet?

With the launch of a game-changing payment innovation — PayTo — who should be responsible for bringing Australians up to speed about its benefits? It’s a question we’ve been asking consumers in our research program.

By the time PayTo rolls out across the Australian economy, the team at Zepto will have been researching and refining its PayTo offering for a few years, and not just from a tech and engineering standpoint. Our Customer Experience and Sales teams have conducted super-interesting merchant roundtables to ensure we intimately understand what they need (and don’t need) from PayTo. 

We’ve taken it deeper than that, too, with a series of consumer research programs that have revealed their own priceless insights and learnings.

Our approach has been to co-design the PayTo experience with both merchants and consumers. This approach ensures that trust is built and usability is optimised, creating the best possible experience with PayTo, end to end. The insights we’re surfacing will ensure we build a PayTo offering that is the ultimate solution for merchants and, critically, is something that their customers will trust and actually want to use.

James Harvey, Zepto Head of Customer Experience

It’s fair — and unsurprising, really — to say that not many consumers have heard of PayTo. So, to understand how they might engage with PayTo, we needed to ask the right questions like: How should consumers be informed about PayTo? What would they expect from PayTo? As individuals, what are the key benefits they can relate to? And how should PayTo be articulated and presented to them in a payment flow or check-out?

To do that, we took a couple of approaches. 

There’s the big-picture, elevator pitch––it’s like an always on, real time, instant direct debit––which provides a useful lightbulb moment for our research participants. And then there are the more detailed, penny-drop descriptions of PayTo’s multiple use cases and features that will deliver benefits for the consumer beyond simply ‘replacing traditional direct debit’.

For a consumer, PayTo is conceptually new. There’s little to no existing context for what it is and how it works. So why would they change their behaviour and try PayTo over more familiar, traditional payment methods?

James Harvey, Zepto Head of Customer Experience

Important side note: The uplift in likelihood-to-use-PayTo that consumers report when those use cases, features and benefits are described to them is massive. Be sure to contact us if you’d like more light shed on this. We’d love to share that with you.

Given that consumers are significantly more inclined to use PayTo when they appreciate the benefits, it begs the question:

Whose responsibility is it to educate them about it?

Without doubt, the New Payments Platform Australia [NPPA] will deliver an overarching education campaign. The official PayTo website, for example, does a great job of presenting the benefits to both businesses and consumers, and we look forward to seeing more communications as the mid-2022 PayTo launch comes sharply into view.

Interestingly however, when we asked our research participants who should lead the education charge, they consistently told us that they would expect their bank or service provider to alert them to new payment methods.

If you’re a service provider, how geared up are you to take that on, and take the lead in getting your customers comfortable with PayTo as a new payment method?

Do you know which features and benefits they respond to most positively? And which ones they’re relatively indifferent about?

How should you present PayTo to get their attention, deepen customer trust, and –– importantly –– make the most of the uplift in customer experience delivered by this game-changing payment method?

We can take you through the ins-and-outs of customer preferences revealed in our research, how PayTo works –– if you’re not quite there yet –– and how to put PayTo to work for you.

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